Pacific Termite offers a diverse range of termite and pest control solutions at affordable prices.

Orange Oil

XT – 2000 Orange Oil Plus is a naturally occurring oil derived from orange rinds. It contains the active ingredient d – limone. When injected into the termite galleries, Orange Oil kills termites and their eggs on contact. If a termite eats wood that has been treated with Orange Oil, they will also die. Orange Oil has an amazing ability to travel through the porous fibers of wood, even defying gravity. This treatment is effective if the areas to be treated is accessible. If the infestation is inaccessible for treatment, a foam treatment is recommended and in serious cases a fumigation might be the best treatment. We must inspect the home to guarantee the best possible treatment method.

Subterranean Termite Treatment

Liquid termiticides are applied completely around a structure with a concrete slab foundation and underneath a structure with a raised foundation. The perimeter of the foundation is trenched if there is dirt and drilled if there is concrete around the structure. We only use Termidor SC which is proven to be the most effective termicide for subterranean termites. If the subterranean termites are also found inside of wall voids, we will also provide a termidor foam wall treatment to insure all of the subterraneans are eradicated.

Foam Treatment

Pacific Termite’s foam treatment offers an effective, convenient and long lasting treatment without the inconvenience of vacating the house, bagging food, and removing plants and pets. You don’t have to worry about theft and broken roof tiles. By mixing a long-term water soluble borate solution or Termidor termicide, we can then foam wall voids, attics, crawl spaces, and inaccessible areas, using high pressure injection.

Wood Damage Repair Service

Our expert carpenters can repair damage caused by termites and dry-rot. We will repair your home with the highest quality workmanship possible. We replace the wood correctly. We do not use fix-all to mask the damage like many other companies. We will color-match and paint the new lumber at no additional cost. Unlike most contractors, we will pre treat the new lumber before we paint it to insure there is no future infestation possible in the newly replaced wood.


When you think in terms of total elimination, think in terms of Pacific Termite’s fumigation services. Fumigation is the ultimate in termite elimination services. We can provide you with the most cost effective way to achieve a termite free environment.

Dry Rot / Fungus Damage

Dry rot is wood decay caused by certain species of fungi that digest parts of the wood which give the wood strength and stiffness. It was previously used to describe any decay of cured wood in ships and buildings by a fungus which resulted in a darkly colored deteriorated and cracked or spongy condition.